Have you seen the major overhaul of a house on the corner of Young and Olgilvie? 

This home always reminded me of Samantha's House on Bewitched.  I love some of the first episodes when she and her mother are decorating the home with a wiggle of the nose and a flick of the wrist.  If only I had that power!

Seems I may have a recurring theme here, or maybe I was a witch in a past life.  The wicked witch of the East, wasn't she was the one who had a house dropped on her? hmmmm.....

Ok back to the renovation.  After much anticipation the house is finished.  Kudos to the new owners for keeping a whimsical vibe!  The look look is very different from the original house, yet the essence remains, and obviously with way more space and light.  The front door beckons you to knock.  I love that the very straight lines of the exterior were balanced with the wavy railings.

A good witch would be very happy here!