Brownstoned on Birmingham


Maybe it was working on Birmingham that opened my eyes to the lovely street.  It seems that a renaissance has begun in that area.  It is hard to find a residence that is not adoringly painted or renovated.  Little row houses stand big and tall in bright colours and classic details that make for a very enjoyable walk (or parking experience).  


Brownstones are characterized by a flat roof, double hung windows and a step up to the first floor.  Most were row houses and originated in the mid to late 19th century.  Brick was less expensive than stone but had to be imported to Halifax prior to 1840, making it rare for use in residential areas.  Perhaps it was restored as a single after the Halifax Explosion in 1917?  

photo 2.JPG

It could be on a street in Chicago or New York.  Stately details give it a look that stands the test of time.  Definitely one of my favorite houses in Halifax.