Belmont Beau

This gentleman has a quirky tailored look that is very put together. The colourful combination of pattern and textures is bright and cheerful any time of year!

Belmont Beau

After my best impression of architectural paparazzi, I was invited inside to have a look at this dandy.  15 years hard work and detailing has gone into every surface of this home. 

There were personal custom touches everywhere, most designed and built by the owner himself, an engineer.  A beautiful handmade stain glass door opens from the entry into the main living area which was tastefully decorated with classic traditional furniture.  

Side Veiw

Defining Details:

The red roof accents the brick nicely and makes the house appear larger to the street by visually continuing the colour upward.  A black or gray roof is usually the go to colour for most people but in this case it would have made the house look smaller.  

Front Door

The Curved front door has presence!  I love that the owners opted to use masonry paint surrounding the front door tying into the colour of the peak above.  This avoids the possibility of losing a very unique door in a sea of brick.